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VLEK07 - Sagat - Few Mysteries Solved In A Year Of Contact

VLEK07 - Sagat - Few Mysteries Solved In A Year Of Contact


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Out Now. Distributed by KOMPAKT, and available here.

This is Sagat's DEBUT EP.

"Sagat's debut Vlek 12-inch is the label's first foray into techno, and it's a fairly competent effort. "Few Mysteries…" and "Speaking of Which" owe a debt to the slow-burn pulse of Mark Ernestus; the industrial static of the latter, in particular, is a serviceable Basic Channel impression.

"Spelt Backwards" is altogether less coy about its dance floor credentials, but it too rides a rather reserved groove, pacified by a synth that squirms and squelches over an otherwise insistent bassline. It's left to "ESC" to assume the responsibility of peak time banger by way of its cavernous, Grand Canyon-sized kicks, though—funnily enough—the skeletal xylophone riff tempers that aspiration as well. Yes, it may be one of the most straightforward releases Vlek have put out, but it's also one of their most enjoyable to date."

Read the review in RESIDENT ADVISOR.

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